Campus Security Guard

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Campus security guard

Campus security guard

Nature of Campus Security Guard Jobs:

A campus security guard would mostly be required to provide security services within a college. This officer is required to ensure the safety of everyone attending any event organized within a campus. The guards providing these services for campus security always work under a director whose work it is to come up with contract specifications for all the guards. This guard is required to ensure the safety of students, staff and the entire faculty. Whenever there is a disturbance of some sort, the guard must investigate and take or recommend appropriate action.

Responsibilities of Campus Security Guard:

Campus security guard has to be able to perform first aid procedures where there are emergencies within the grounds. The guard has to carry out foot and vehicle patrols within the facility or compound where the campus is located. They have to ensure that doors are either locked or unlocked when they should be and report suspicious behaviors to the appropriate authorities.

Salaries of Campus Security Guard:

These guards generally earn hourly rates of between $8.33 and $15.44, although this would depend a great deal on the exact campus where they are employed.

Future Prospects of Campus Security Guard:

The demand for campus security guards is still great bearing in mind that the number of students in colleges and universities has been increasing. These educational institutions are also growing in number thus increasing the demand for services provided by campus security guards.

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