Are you flexible enough to come to work in case of a two hour notice?

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Alternate Questions:

  • Are you able to work overnights?
  • Can you work on weekends, late hours?
  • Are you flexible enough to come to work in a short notice? For example can you come to work in two hours notice?
  • Will you be here when needed?

This is to verify your availability and to check out any other commitments or calls on your time.
If you have a sick parent or a child who needs care, tell them now.

Possible Answer 1:

I am looking to build a career in security, especially given the threats we face from many quarters.

I am keen to grow within the company, and so can make myself available as and when needed, as my job is my first priority.

I will be available to work on short notice, late hours and on weekends, as required by the job.

Possible Answer 2:

Yes, I can when I don’t have my 8-year old daughter staying with me.

I hope you will understand that on the weekends and school breaks when my daughter is visiting, I cannot come in on short notice.

Yes, I can work overnights, with the same rider. I don’t have any problems staying late and working on weekends. With sufficient advance notice, I should be able to make alternate arrangements for my daughter.

I will be most happy to be here when you need me to be. I can also inform you of my daughter’s visiting schedule in advance so that you will know in advance when I can be flexible and when I cannot.

Possible Answer 3:

Yes, I can.

My wife is a nurse and as I was a cop, we are used to night shifts.

There will be no problems in working nights, staying late, or coming in at short notice. I am happy to be here when you need me.

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