Can you describe a situation where you had to deal with a difficult coworker?

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Possible Answer:

Though I try to get along with everyone, at times, there are some personalities that just cannot get along.

I prefer to follow rules, not stand around chatting and socializing when I am working. One of my co-workers loved to stand around the coffee machine and chat about everything under the sun.

When I wouldn’t play ball, he started telling people that I was a loner, a stickler for rules and stand-offish.

I let it slide, and eventually his constant chatting got on peoples’ nerves. Someone complained to the management and he was shifted out of the department to customer service, where his chatting would be useful.

If I had complained, while still a newcomer to the team, things might not have worked out so perfectly. Patience is essential when dealing with difficult people.

Security Guard Dealing With a Difficult Coworker

Security Guard Dealing With a Difficult Coworker

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