What type of situations do you think will occur in a Security Guard job?

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This question will show your understanding of the nature of the job to your interviewer. Be frank, succinct and if you have any questions, ask them.

Possible Answer:

As a major shopping destination in the neighborhood, I expect that most of the time I will be called upon to help the elderly, look for missing young children or maybe chase a few shoplifters.

However, the threat of violence can never be ruled out. Our only option is to stay vigilant and avoid/avert any such incidents. For that to work, the security guard has to be proactive and not take any chances.

When something looks suspicious or out of the ordinary, the security guard has to check it out professionally.

I always try my the best not to offend a customer. A sincere smile while trying to check the suspect, telling them that this is just part of my routine procedure has always helped me as well as the customer to stay calm and collected. Even while doing this, I will be very vigilant for any signs of trouble.

I think being called upon to evaluate or judge a situation and take the appropriate preventive action is the most important, and yet difficult task the security guard will have to perform.

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