What types of questions are asked for a security guard interview?

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Security Guard Interview Questions

Security Guard Interview Questions to ask after interview

Listed below are several real interview questions which were commonly asked during a security guard job interview. You can click the questions to see their possible answers.
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  1. While working as Security Guard dispatcher, How do you respond to emergencies?

  2. How to prepare for a security guard interview?

  3. As a school Security Officer, what do you do when belligerent parents start fighting during a school basketball game?

  4. What do you do when two customers fight on the floor?

  5. How many Security Guards you would like to enlist as part of your team and why?

  6. As a security guard, when do you use a firearm?

  7. Can you suggest some good questions to ask after an interview for a security guard job?

  8. What mistakes have you made previously and how did you correct them?

  9. How would you handle an employee who was breaking company policy?

  10. Why do you have employment gaps?

  11. Can you describe a situation where you had to deal with a difficult coworker?

  12. If you had a dispute with another Security Officer, how would you handle the situation?

  13. Describe a time when you had problem providing a service to someone.

  14. What do you feel you should be getting out of this job?

  15. What Do You Do On Your Off-Days?

  16. What are the duties and responsibilities of a Security Officer in your opinion?

  17. In a situation where a customer is really upset, what would you do or how would you handle this issue?

  18. How do you handle escalated situation with a person in your facility or in parking lot?

  19. Recall a time where you provided excellent customer service or worked as a team.

  20. What would you do if someone threatened to attack a person in front of you?

  21. Have you ever been arrested?

  22. Tell us why have left your former employers / want to leave them?

  23. What separates you from others interviewing for this position?

  24. What type of situations do you think will occur in a Security Guard job?

  25. Are you flexible enough to come to work in case of a two hour notice?

  26. Have you completed any kind of military service?

  27. How do you handle stress?

  28. Security Guard Interview Questions

  29. Can you describe a situation where you had to deal with a difficult coworker?

  30. If someone needed assistance and you were the only one on your post with instructions not to abandon it. How would you handle it?

  31. Where do you see yourselves in 6 months or a year from now?

  32. Are you willing to re-locate or travel far?

  33. What experience do you have that relates to security?

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