I am trying to obtain a Michigan Guard Card, can someone please guide me in the right direction as to how to do that?

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In the state of Michigan, an unarmed security guard doesn’t require a license (or Guard Card).

However, the company engaged in hiring security guards and providing security guard services must obtain and hold a valid Michigan Security Guard Agency license. A licensed security company can hire unarmed security guards that are not licensed.

Here is the pertinent extract from the Michigan state law:

Section 338.1079 of Michigan Private Security Business And Security Alam Act – Act 330 of 1968
This act does not require licensing of any private security guards employed for the purpose of protecting the property and employees of their employer and generally maintaining security for their employer.

Michigan security guard card license

Michigan security guard card license

Even if there is no licensing requirement for a person to be employed as a security guard, there are a few basic criteria that the state requires.

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