What it takes to become a Good Security Guard

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What it takes to become a Good Security Guard or Security Officer

Security guards play a significant role in our society today. Just like their law enforcement counter parts they risk their safety for keeping other people and their property safe.

They guard our property, vital installations and put themselves in a harms way every single day to ensure that we are safe as we go about doing our daily tasks.

To be a good security guard involves a strong commitment to care for the people and society at large.

Though security is often associated with being tough, dealing with violence and using force to suppress something, at the core of it, the ethos and values of being a security guard stems from an inner urge to selflessly serve and protect the people from any untoward incidents.

What it takes to become a Good Security Guard?

What it takes to become a Good Security Guard?

The following points are usually highlighted as the guidelines for someone to become a good Security Guard or Security Officer.

  1. Review your training materials until you know them in your sleep. This will be very useful in a time of crisis.
  2. Every time when there is an opportunity for a refresher course, take it and upgrade your skills. Rules can change as to what is legal and what is not.
  3. Practice self defense regularly with a partner.
  4. Exercise daily and eat healthy. It helps when you need to confront or tackle someone.
  5. Read the news and stay up to date of security crime events in your working areas
  6. Once you start working, know your company’s standard processes and procedures and review them carefully.
  7. Find a senior security guard who can be your mentor. Seek out advice from them when ever you are not sure of something.
  8. When in doubt always ask your supervisor or manager.
  9. Pay attention to what is going around you and don’t make assumptions. Even a skinny, weak looking kid can be dangerous.

Understand your states law
This is a very important requirement for a security guard. Spend the extra time to Know your state’s law regarding criminal offenses as well laws pertaining to arrest by security. If you are working at or near a shopping plaza, you should know what the laws are regarding shoplifting and what the rules are for private-person arrests because you will probably encounter these at some point. Having a good rapport with the local police officers and the citizens you interact with is vital for the success of your position as well as your organizations. Remember, safety is always a number one concern. If you realize that you are not properly trained or equipped to handle a situation, then be a good witness and report all relevant information to the authorities.

Communication Skills
Professional security officers must have good written communication skills, for they will deal with reports, memos, electronic mail, or jobs description throughout their careers. They should be able to write in proper and good English.

Crisis Management
The security guard must know how to deal with crisis, bad behavior, attack against assets, property, or people. In order to make the appropriate decision, he or she must have good judgment.