How do I get a California Security Guard Card?

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How do I get a California Security Guard Card?

How do I get a California Security Guard Card?

To get a guard card from the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), Bureau of Security of Investigative Services (BSIS) one must complete 3 simple steps. The steps are real simple and can be completed all within one day.

Step 1: Complete the Guard Card Training

Step one is to complete the required training set by the BSIS which known as the Power to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism Awareness (PTAWMD) training.

You can take this training in person on a live classroom, or online through an accredited Security Training Company.

Step 2: Complete your Fingerprinting for background check

Your begin your background check, you need to provide your finger print to BSIS. Your fingerprint is used to check any conviction of felonies charged against you which may prevent prevent you from getting California Guard Card.

This background check is initiated by completing an electronic fingerprint process commonly know as live scan.

Visit this link for a copy of the Live Scan Form.

Your training center may have the facilities for doing the live sacn. You can also do your live scan, in the local Sheriff stations, Police Department, Kinkos Fedex, and UPS Centers.

After you are fingerprinted, your finger print will be electronically sent to BSIS by the agency or company who does the finger printing.

Step 3: Apply for the Guard Card

The last step in the process is to send your completed Guard Card Application.
You can use the California’s Security Guard licensing on line system for submitting your application.

When submitting your application you need to pay the initial application fee of $50.00.

Here are the various fees related to Guard Card License in California.

  • Initial Guard Card Application Fee – $50.00
  • Guard Card Application Renewal – varies per type – $35.00
  • Renewal After Expiry – Late Renewal – $60.00
  • Getting a Duplicate Guard Card – $10.00

Once BSIS receive your applicaiton they will start your background check and decide whether to approve your application.

You can check the status of your application through the BSIS Guard Card verification website from which you can print a copy of your temporary permit. Once you have the temporary permit you are legally eligible to work as California Licensed Security Officer within the state of California.

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