I am currently working as a security guard. Will this job help me to become a police officer?

Security jobs in your ZIP code Answer: No, it is actually the other way around. If you’ve experience as a police officer, you might be able to command a better starting position and better salary as a security officer. To become a police officer, you have to go through the training and qualify after passing the test. Read more Security Guard FAQs

Is it possible to get hired directly as a security guard without going through a security company?

Security jobs in your ZIP code Answer: Many small firms might hire a security guard through word-of-mouth recommendation or through someone they know. However it is in your best interests to go through a company. Because in case something happens on your watch, you will not be solely held responsible for it. Also you will have an accepted set protocol to follow, and you will have the evidence to back up your claim, like logging in regularly and giving the all-clear. In case you’re working directly and not through an agency, there might not be any back up records, other ...

What are the requirements for becoming a hotel security guard? I am specifically interested in Marriot, since there is a Marriot near where I live.

What are the requirements for becoming a hotel security guard? I am specifically interested in Marriot, since there is a Marriot near where I live.
Security jobs in your ZIP code Answer: As with any security guard job, a hotel security guard too has to be fit, observant, vigilant, courteous to guests, helpful in case of any issues, and be willing to lend a helping hand at any time to the guests or other staff. A hotel security guard job also requires you to be personally groomed and presentable at all times. The Marriot Hotel requires that their security personnel be capable of standing, sitting or walking for long hours, as you might need to be guarding your post, be at your desk or patrol ...

What career growth options are there for a security guard?

Alternate Questions: Are there better career paths after working as a security guard? Answer: If the security guard job interests you, you can get certified and also get some weapons training. This will help you to land better paying jobs like armed escorts for transporting documents, art, jewelry or cash. You might also decide to sign up for the Reserve police force, which will help you. If you can, you can even start your own security company or design a security device like an alarm or a camera. You can also moonlight as security to celebrities, if you’re really good ...

I recently got the job of a security guard at a local retail store. What is the appropriate way for a retail store security guard to deal with a shop lifting incident?

Answer: First, wait till the customer tries to exit the store; once they are out, immediately raise the alarm, though in most stores these days, it will be automatic when the tag isn’t removed at the checkout. Then follow the customer out, and quietly approach them and appraise them that their shop lifting has been caught on camera. Nine out of ten shoplifters do it for the thrill, and will quietly pay for the merchandise. Very few people will try to run with the items and risk the police being called. Read more Security Guard FAQs

What would be the best martial art to learn to prepare to become a security guard Job?

Answer: Any martial arts training will help. Martial arts, by their very training make you agile, light on your feet, and limber. The training also gives you the ability and control to stay calm when there is a crisis and everyone else is agitated. Read more Security Guard FAQs

Do I need to have a good physique (height and weight) to become a security guard?

Answer: There is no prescribed height or weight to becoming a security guard. You need to be agile and fit. This is important if you have to chase someone or help support someone. In such cases, height can be an advantage, but it is not a requirement. The ability to think on your feet and quick reflexes are more important than anything else. Read more Security Guard FAQs

What are the requirements for becoming an armored car security guard in Virginia?

Answer: If you’re trying for an armored car security guard position in a state like Virginia, you need to have valid Firearms Endorsement from the State, be a US citizen or legal alien resident and be at least 18 years of age. You also need to possess a valid driver’s license, and should’ve undergone at least 28-31 hours of armored car personnel training, with certificates for 03E, 07E and 08E wherever applicable. You need to submit the certificates and your fingerprints for getting your background verified, and to obtain the required Private Security Registration with the department. Read more Security ...

What is the requirement for becoming a Bank security guard in California? 2

Answer: The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services issues the California Guard Card, which is valid for 2 years. You have to approach the local office, armed with a Security Guard training of minimum 8 hours, with additional 32 hours needed, depending on the post you are applying for. To become a bank security guard, you will need arms training and learn to fire a weapon. Once you have that, you have to undergo background check by getting fingerprinted by the card issuing authority. Most companies require that their bank security guards possess a high school diploma or equivalent, a ...

I don’t have a college degree and I was thinking of becoming a security guard as a stable career choice – is it possible?

Alternate Questions: What are some requirements of becoming a security guard? What can I expect in terms of salary? Answer: A college degree is not necessary to become a security guard. However, if you want to, you could attend a part-time course. One of the basic qualities needed to become an effective security guard is the ability to keep calm and take control of a situation in an emergency. Fast reflexes and thinking on your feet, being observant and proactive are all helpful qualities for a security guard. The salary might vary depending on your experience, duties involved, nature of ...