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Note: We offer FREE premium listing of security companies on our directory.

With the premium listing your company’s listing will appear with the following features:

  1. Will appear at the top of the page – without the premium listing the companies will appear in alphabetic order
  2. A star will show near the company name to highlight the company
  3. Your company’s website address will by hyper-linked (for regular listing, the company website will be just plain text). By having the hyper-link from our website to your website your Google ranking may improve.
  4. You can add custom text to your company listing – such as the security guard trainings you offer or the excellent benefits you provide for the security guards working for your company.

To get the FREE premium listing, you will need to provide a link from your website to one of the pages on our website. This will be very easy since we are providing a number of valuable resources for security guard job seekers.

You can add this link on your website’s existing Resources page or by creating a new Resources page.

For example, our interview questions and Practice Quiz pages provide the largest collection of Security Guard practice test and interview questions with possible answers. You can simply provide a link to one of these two pages from the Resources Page on your website.

If you like to use the FREE premium listing option, please including the web address (URL) of your linking page when you submit this form.

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To make it easy for you to put the link, you can simply copy and paste the code below to your website’s Resources page for adding a link to our website!

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