There are several career options for a security guard, or security officer

Cruise Ship Placement Agencies in Philippines

From Philippines, cruise ships hire a lot of Security Guards, House Keeping Staff, Hair Stylists, Massage Therapists, Cooks, Cook’s Assistants, Chefs, Butchers, Commis, Stewards etc. The list below, shows the list of registered placement agencies recruiting staff members for cruise ships from Philippines. To find the jobs currently open, please visit the websites shown below and apply directly through the placement agency. In addition to Cruise Ship Security Guards, they hire a number of other positions also. BP International Shipping Corporation Web: Company Information: They are the placement agents for, CELEBRATION CRUISE HOLDINGS LTD., STEINER TRAINING LIMITED (Major supplier for spa, beauty, and massage therapists, fitness instructors, acupuncturists, hairdressers, nail technicians etc) PULLMANTUR CRUISES LIMITED, HARDING BROTHERS(GUERNSEY)LTD. Types of Jobs Recruited: Deck & Engine Crew, Medical Staff, Security Staff, Pursers, Information Technology Staff, Hotel Manager, Hotel Controller, Storekeeper, Store Utility, Provision Master, Cruise Director, Shore Excursion Staff, Youth Counselors, Cruise Staff, Entertainers, Nail Technician, Hairdresser, Massage…

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Indian Cruise Ship Placement Agencies

From India, cruise ships hire a lot of Security Guards, Cooks, Cook’s Assistants, Chefs, Butchers, Housekeeping Staff, Commis, Stewards etc. Shown below, you can see the list of registered placement agencies recruiting staff members for cruise ships from India. To find the jobs currently open, please visit the websites shown below and apply directly through the placement agency. In addition to Cruise Ship Security Guards, they hire a number of other positions also. Indus Hospitality Careers & Training Web: Company Information: They are the placement agents for Carnival Cruise Lines. Types of Jobs Recruited: Jr. Sous Chef, Chef De Partie (CDP), Asst. CDP, Cook, Asst. Cook / Utility Cook, Asst. Butcher, Galley Steward, Housekeeping Trainee, Tr.Cook, Commis. Contact Information: MUMBAI (Head Office) 610 Dalamal Tower, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021, Maharashtra, India Tel: (022) 40880000, 22814243 Fax: (022) 40880099 Email: CHENNAI Office 16, Anna Salai Lane, Saidapet, Chennai 600015, India Tel: (044) 40880000/29 Email: Joncia Marine Services Web:…

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Restaurant and Bar Security Guard

Restaurant and Bar Security Guards are expected to provide any or all of the Following Services: Basic Job Requirements of Restaurant and Bar Security Guards: Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma. One year of security experience for a bar, hotel, restaurant, retail store, school or a public law enforcement or private security agency. If the state requires licensing, then satisfactory completion of an approved security guard training course as recognized by the state where you are applying. The incumbents must maintain valid registration as a security guard throughout employment. Salary of Restaurant and Bar Security Guards: According to the US Federal Government Agency Bureau of Labor Statistics, Security Guards can earn an average salary of about $26,000. However, this can be significanlty higher if you are located in a high cost metro area such as New York City, District of Columbia (Washington DC) etc. In District of Columbia, you can expect…

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Advantages of working as a celebrity Security Guard or a Bodyguard

You are looking for a job in the security industry. You have some military training or martial arts experience. If this description fits you, and then becoming a celebrity Security Guard or bodyguard may be an option for you. You can be living in the US, Philippines, Malaysia or South Africa. Or you are located in India, Nepal or Indonesia. Irrespective of where you are located, for the person with the right aptitude, a bodyguard job is a rewarding and very fulfilling career option. Listed below are the advantages of working as a celebrity Security Guard or a Bodyguard. Your work will have a direct and tangible value as you are protecting the life of someone Considering many other jobs where, you will not have any idea about the meaning or value of your work, a bodyguard’s work directly benefit someone to protect their life. Day in and out, you are protecting someone’s life. Travel to exciting…

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Advantages and disadvantages of working as a Security Guard on a cruise ship

Can you describe the advantages and disadvantages of working as a Security Guard on a cruise ship? Challenges of working on a Cruise Ship: Cruise Ships Security Guard jobs are not ideal for everyone. A great amount of discipline and hard work is required and expected from the employees. Applicants should be "team players" and enjoy working WITH people. As a Security Guard you will be living and sharing relatively limited space with one or more fellow crew members. You will be working away from home for several months at a time. You have to be very much service orientated. You should be mentally stable to not to spoil the fun with your own issues and temperaments. There is nothing more important than quality of service on the cruise ship. Passengers are always right, even when they are wrong. How to apply for a Cruise Ship Security Job: Most cruise ships recruit their staff through placement agencies.…

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Security Guard Jobs

Click on the picture of the state to find a security guard (or security officer) job OR Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

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Bank Security Guard

Nature of the Bank Security Guard Job A bank Security Guard or Security Officer, secures bank premises against illegal entry, fire, theft, vandalism, equipment malfunctions, and medical emergencies by guarding and patrolling the premises. They also prepare shift reports monitoring and documenting all observations and activities.  They administer security devices and settings at the Bank facilities; identifies, analyzes, and controls existing and potential safety hazards; and provides security and safety training, support and guidance to all Bank personnel. Qualifications The required qualifications vary from state to state, please review our state specific Security Guard Eligibility Requirement Pages for more information pertaining to the state in which you are planning to apply for Bank Security Guard job. Responsibilities Control entry to the facilities, physically checking employee ID'S, Non - Employee ID's recording entry-utilizing software for employee verification and the visitor badging system. Patrol and monitor the Home Office complex including building and grounds for fire, water, electrical, safety…

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Cruise Ship Security Guard

Nature of Cruise Ship Security Guard Job: A Cruise Ship Security Guard watches over the points of entry of a ship while the ship is in port. They also do the screening of the guests, ship crew as well as their luggage. During the voyage they perform several critical security related tasks as described in the duties and responsibilities section below. Duties and Responsibilities of Cruise Ship Security Guard: Conduct access control for cruise passengers, employees, visitors, and other persons to guard and maintain security of premises Monitor and report suspicious activities to local authorities. Monitors security aboard the ship 24/7 alternating day and night shifts. Performs regular safety rounds of public, crew and off-limit areas of the ship. Presents to the Chief/Deputy Security Officer the log of activities during the night time hours Inspect passenger and crew documents validity such as; port ids, driver’s licenses, passports for access control to the ship Write reports of daily…

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Port and Airport Security

Nature of Port and Airport Security Job: Port and airport security has become a major feature in the modern life. People interested in working at ports and airports are required to undergo a lot of scrutiny bearing in mind that these are areas where the Immigration Department has a lot of interest in. For the most part, those working here at ports and airports are required to be among the best in the field. Responsibilities of Port and Airport Security Guard: Power of observation is a must in this industry. One is expected to identify danger before it even occurs. Moreover, the security guard providing port and airport security is often asked to work in tandem with other government authorities and report any suspicious activity or behavior quickly to forestall any event which may be a great danger to human life. Salaries of Port and Airport Security Guard: The salaries for this category of security jobs differ…

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Energy & Chemical Security Guards

Nature of Energy & Chemical Security Guard Jobs: People willing to work in the security industry can also work as part of Energy & Chemical Security teams. They may be employed directly by the energy and chemical company or be part of employees working for a large security firm and be deployed to provide security in these plants. Responsibilities and Qualifications of Energy & Chemical Security Guards: Specialized training is often required if the energy and chemical establishment or facility advices this. However, in general, the requirements on the other types of security jobs also apply here. But you should expect to be allowed to use a firearm since a lot of trespassing and vandalism goes on in many energy and chemical plants. The security guard is expected to be trained on how to handle the property, emergency situation, or other workers in case something crops up within the plant to put people’s lives at risk. It…

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