Private Security Guard

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Nature of Private Security Guard Job:

Private security services are often provided to individuals and installations as well as buildings. They are also needed in events where many people are expected to attend and there is fear that there could be some skirmish. These security guards carry out inspections where they believe there could be vandalism, or theft.

They secure property and are tasked to manage access to events, buildings and facilities as well. They are also allowed to arrest and detail anyone who has violated certain rules.

Responsibilities and Qualifications of Private Security Guard:

There isn’t any minimum requirement regarding the educational qualifications which the private security guards are expected to meet. However, most employers prefer those with high school diploma. These guards are often employed and given on the job training.

Possession of a firearms license is a requirement in most states in the U.S for these guards. These guards are also expected to undergo further training on communication, prevention of crime, report writing, handling of evidence as well as procedures regarding response to emergencies.

Private security guard is supposed to protect his/her employer’s life as well as property. They can advance in their jobs, especially if they work for large security companies. Advancement is often pegged on the guard’s educational background as well as years spent on the jog.

Salaries of Private Security Guard:

This type of job attracts average salaries of around $42,000 per annum.

Future Prospects of Private Security Guard:

This industry has a bright future where it is expected to grow by more than 10% by 2018, thus creating thousands of jobs in the process.

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