What do you do when two customers fight on the floor? 2

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Security Guard Interview Question: You are a security Guard working in a shopping mall. During a busy shopping time, you saw two customers fighting on the floor. What would you do in this situation?

Security Guard breaking up two customers fighting on the floor

Security Guard breaking up two customers fighting on the floor

First of all, I will review the situation, trying to determine what is happening.

I will quickly assess if this is a simple random fight between two customers or if it is something gang related.

This may be evident if there are supporters or onlookers supporting the fighters as well as from the behavior of the fighters.

Before getting involved, I will call for backup/police.

After calling for backup, if it was assessed to be a random fight, I will try to break up the fight using the following techniques:

First, I will try to get their attention. This includes ordering them loudly in a strong voice or clapping hands.

I will tell them with authority that they must stop doing what they’re doing. If the situation is appropriate, and I have backup support available, I may physically separate the perpetrators.

Once the situation is decelerated, I will disperse any onlookers and bring back normalcy in the area.

If the fight was assessed to be something more than a random fight, I will seek steps to protect the other customers by getting the area cleared while waiting for backup support or for the arrival of law enforcement.

If one of the perpetrators draws a weapon, and there is a real possibility for serious bodily harm to the other customers, one of the perpetrators or for me from the fight, and if it is absolutely necessary to protect a life, I will use my firearm judiciously to diffuse the situation.

After the incident, I will document what happened, and share it with the authorities as required.

2 thoughts on “What do you do when two customers fight on the floor?

  1. Kamugisha Emmanuel Feb 28,2017 7:30 pm

    Wow as an aspiring security guard I’m impressed, thanks.

  2. Dave M Feb 11,2021 8:28 pm

    1. Notify Management to call the police this a. informs the management of the problem and b. gets public safety notified as well (assuming you have responsible managers).
    2. Try to disperse the crowd – Use your outstretched arms to help provide a barrier to the event, and in a firm and professional manner ask to move back in case someone pulls a weapon and also to prevent them from accidental contact with the participants.
    3. Try to “de-escalate” the situation by telling the participants to stop in a commanding voice and that management has called police.
    4. Keep people clear in case any weapons become drawn
    5. Do not attempt to break it up without backup support and professional training in physical restraint techniques and arrest procedures – YOU could be charged with battery or assault.
    6. Be a good witness, even with cameras – it’s good to make a note of clothing, skin, hair, eye color and even shoes.. people might change clothing and appearance, ditching hoodies and jackets, etc., when fleeing but seldom change the shoes.
    7. Be prepared to render appropriate medical attention as trained and certified.
    8. Be sure that someone in management or the public will watch at the door to direct responding public safety services, i.e police, medical.
    9. If you are armed, if you have training and certification, if your company allows citizen arrest, or your state gives some police powers to security; and if you policies and procedures allow for lawfully and reasonably intervention – such as if grave bodily harm or death are imminent.. then act accordingly. Realize you will be going to a grand jury if you use deadly force and you’ll need to be capable of articulating why you believed the force you applied was a. reasonable b. necessary c. lawful and d. imminent death or grave bodily harm would have occurred without your intervention.
    10. Make sure you are shooting an off-duty or undercover officer. It’s always good to say “Stop” before taking a shot.

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