What types of questions are asked for a security guard interview?

Security jobs in your ZIP code Listed below are several real interview questions which were commonly asked during a security guard job interview. You can click the questions to see their possible answers. You may also want to read the post on preparing for a security officer interview.

Security Guard Interview Questions

Security jobs in your ZIP code Please click on the question to see a possible answer to the question. Please check back often as we post more questions and answers.

What experience do you have that relates to security?

Security jobs in your ZIP code Alternate Questions: Have you ever worked in the security industry? Are you customer-service oriented? Do you have any private security guard experience? This question is asked to assess your suitability and aptitude for this job. You should answer with relevant experience, or other factors which might help you, like fitness training or martial arts, etc. Candidates with no relevant experience Possible Answer 1: I have always been interested in fitness and athletics. This led me to get trained in martial arts. The martial arts training helped me by improving my attitude and self-control. I ...