What types of questions are asked for a security guard interview?

Security jobs in your ZIP code Listed below are several real interview questions which were commonly asked during a security guard job interview. You can click the questions to see their possible answers. You may also want to read the post on preparing for a security officer interview.

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What mistakes have you made previously and how did you correct them?

What mistakes have you made previously and how did you correct them?
Security jobs in your ZIP code This question is meant to assess your self-evaluation and how you have overcome any problems. You should list out any issues you have that might affect your job performance, and state how you have addressed the issue. Possible Answer 1: My one persistent problem has been procrastination. To overcome it, I make to-do lists (a checklist), listing out daily chores, weekly chores and monthly chores. I will cross out the chores off the lists as I complete them. This helps me to keep my chores, paying bills, and other things taken care off, while ...

How would you handle an employee who was breaking company policy?

How would you handle an employee who was breaking company policy?
Security jobs in your ZIP code Alternate Question: What would you do if you caught an officer sleeping on the job? This question is asked to measure your ability to be a team-player. Possible Answer 1: I would try and warn the employee not to break the company policy. If repeated warnings are not helping, I have no choice but to report them. I know that others might think of me as a snitch, but to me honesty and integrity are more important that being thought of as ‘nice’. Possible Answer 2: If someone was caught sleeping on the job, ...

Why do you have employment gaps? 1

Possible Answer: My first job was as a customer support agent and I got laid off from that job, due to the entire customer support division being out-sourced to India. During the second time, it was a contract security guard position and the company I was working for was not able to get their contract renewed and hence they had to let us go. Whenever this happened, a friend of mine allowed me to tend bar or bus tables at the restaurant he manages. This way I was able to pay my rent as well as not go into debt ...

Can you describe a situation where you had to deal with a difficult coworker?

Possible Answer: Though I try to get along with everyone, at times, there are some personalities that just cannot get along. I prefer to follow rules, not stand around chatting and socializing when I am working. One of my co-workers loved to stand around the coffee machine and chat about everything under the sun. When I wouldn’t play ball, he started telling people that I was a loner, a stickler for rules and stand-offish. I let it slide, and eventually his constant chatting got on peoples’ nerves. Someone complained to the management and he was shifted out of the department ...

If you had a dispute with another Security Officer, how would you handle the situation?

This question helps them to assess your people skills and problem-solving skills. Possible Answer: I can get along with most people. If I have a problem with a colleague, I will try to talk it out with them. If that doesn’t help, I will try to avoid confronting with them as much as I can, without it affecting my job. In the worst case scenario, where the dispute affects my job, I will discuss with my supervisor and seek their guidance on the issue. I believe in tackling problems head-on, rather than burying my head in the sand and hoping ...

Describe a time when you had problem providing a service to someone.

Possible Answer 1: As this would be my first job, I haven’t had to face a situation yet where I haven’t been able to provide a service to a customer. If such a scenario happens, I will apologize and try to explain my predicament to the customer. Hopefully they will understand that we are all human after all, and at times things can be out of our control. Possible Answer 2: A customer walked into the store where I was previously employed, looking agitated. She said that her engagement ring had slipped from her finger in our store some time ...

What do you feel you should be getting out of this job?

This question is asked to assess your expectations from the job. Possible Answer: As an inexperienced man in my first job, I would like to learn the ropes and be an effective security guard. I would like the chance to prove myself and advance within the company in the security niche. I have always been good with electronics, and maybe one day, I can help to design or innovate a better security system for the company. Read more Security Guard Interview Questions

What Do You Do On Your Off-Days?

This is to find out how you can overcome stress. You can list any of your favorite activities that show that you have a support system to fight stress and that you’re not a loner. Possible Answer: I hang out with my family and friends, as it helps me to relax and rewind. I like to play games, or fish, or go sailing or camping. I also go regularly to the gym and excise to keep me in good shape. Read more Security Guard Interview Questions