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Advantages of becoming a Celebrity Bodyguard
Advantages of becoming a Celebrity Bodyguard

You are looking for a job in the security industry. You have some military training or martial arts experience.

If this description fits you, and then becoming a celebrity Security Guard or bodyguard may be an option for you.

You can be living in the US, Philippines, Malaysia or South Africa. Or you are located in India, Nepal or Indonesia. Irrespective of where you are located, for the person with the right aptitude, a bodyguard job is a rewarding and very fulfilling career option.

Listed below are the advantages of working as a celebrity Security Guard or a Bodyguard.

Your work will have a direct and tangible value as you are protecting the life of someone

Considering many other jobs where, you will not have any idea about the meaning or value of your work, a bodyguard’s work directly benefit someone to protect their life. Day in and out, you are protecting someone’s life.

Travel to exciting places

As a bodyguard, your job will be to protect celebrities or a high profile people. This also means that wherever they travel you will also travel. Since you need to be available on a moment’s notice, you will be staying in the same luxurious places where your celebrity clients will be staying.
You will also get the chance to travel to places where you will never in your lifetime able to travel unless you are accompanying a celebrity.

Meeting great people

Most people see celebrities only through televisions or movies. As a bodyguard not only that you will be able to protect the life of a celebrity client, during the course of your duty, you will able to meet and mingle with other celebrities whom your client is meeting with.

Experience luxury

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As part of your duty you will be accompanying your clients to exotic locations and luxurious hotels. Often times your employer or client will offer you the chance to dine with them and be with them during their vacation etc.

Plenty of downtime to explore life

While on duty, often times, you will be working without a break. Due to this, you may be working six hours at a stretch. After that you will be able to take your break which can be used for rest, relaxation or for your own entertainment.

Additionally, depending on the activity your client is engaged in, you may get breaks even while you are on duty.

Due to your status of protecting a celebrity, many more new opportunities will open for you

As a bodyguard for a powerful client or a celebrity, many doors will open for you which otherwise will not be accessible for an average Joe. A letter or a phone call from your client will give you so much perks and privileges.

A referral from your client will be valued significantly when you like to get something done for you or you want to resolve a problem with another company, organization or even with the government.
Although this privilege can be abused, it is definitely an extra perk if you use it judiciously.

You can become a celebrity by yourself if you perform heroic deeds to protect your client

By doing a heroic deed to protect a high profile client, you yourself can become a celebrity. You will be interviewed by TV channels; you can appear on national television. Depending on who you are protecting, you may even be able to write a book about your experience.

Multifaceted skill development

As a bodyguard you will be working very closely with your client. You may serve as their confidant, assistant, secretary, driver or even as their shopping buddy. By playing these varied roles you will be developing multifaceted skills.

These skills may help you in getting into more exciting opportunities in future. By using your credibility in working as a celebrity bodyguard, you may be able to start a successful bodyguard training school. You may be able to write a bestselling book by writing about you memoirs of working closely with the celebrity.

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    am eric from cameroon and love the work of a security officer plis let me put it that way and i will raelly like know more about ur organization think you.

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