Casino Security Guard

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Nature of Casino Security Guard Job:

Casino security guard Job

Casino security guard Job

Casino security jobs are quite demanding due to the nature of the industry, where establishments work for 24 hours every single day. Moreover, dealing with people who are intoxicated and surrounding which is fully stimulated is not every one’s cup of tea.

The main responsibilities of the casino security guard is to ensure that the employer’s property is properly protected and secured from threats such as vandalism, theft and a number of illegal activities from several quarters including regular or first-time patrons.

Responsibilities of Casino Security Guards:

Casino security guards could either opt to patrol the facility or work from one station while monitoring everything going on in the casino to ensure that security is maintained throughout. The guards are also required to provide security to the casino’s money when it is being transported to vaults or elsewhere. They may also opt to go undercover so as to investigate any activity they consider to be suspicious. The guards are expected to interact with the public in the casinos so as to be up to date with what is going on at any given time.

Most casinos provide training while on the job, so anyone applying for the job of a casino security guard doesn’t need to be in possession of specialized training. A high school diploma or GED is the basic requirement for working as a casino security guard. If the casino requires you to carry or use firearms, you may need additional training and the necessary certification.

  • A Casino Security Guard performs and completes all duties necessary to comply with local government mandated casino and gaming requirements. This may include gaming related drops, card and dice reconciliation, inspection, cancellation and destruction, re-issuance of poker cards, transport locked chip carriers and documents to and from the Chip Repository etc.
  • Through their alertness and diligence provide proactive attention to potential danger and security risks.
  • The Security Guard will protect the casino’s guests, property and their staff from harm or loss.
  • Patrol the buildings and the facilities as directed by the chief security officer to oversee the comfort, safety and security of the casino guests.
  • Monitor and examine the points of entry to the casino to ensure that they are secure.
  • Report any irregularities such as fire hazards, leaking water pipes, and security doors left unlocked to the appropriate authority.
  • Guard against theft of casino property.
  • Greet all guests and staff in a positive, friendly, and professional manner.
  • Regulate vehicle and pedestrian traffic at the casino entrance to maintain orderly flow.
  • Ensure compliance of the casino’s responsibility to prevent over consumption of alcohol.

Salaries of Casino Security Guards:

Casino Security Guards would normally earn around $8.50 to $11.00 per hour during the first weeks of his/her career. The work of these guards is often mistaken with that of surveillance officers.

Future Prospects of Casino Security Guards:

The security industry as a while is being projected to experience growth of around 14% by 2018 and this will affect casino security jobs as well.

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