Hospital Security Guard

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Hospital Security Guard Job

Hospital Security Guard Job

Nature of Hospital Security Guard Job:

Hospital security guards are often required to meet a unique set of requirements due to the sensitivity of their work station. They are required to patrol along the halls and outside the hospital in addition to monitoring the surveillance cameras and CCTVs so as to check what is going on inside and outside the hospital.

Responsibilities of Hospital Security Guard:

Armed hospital security guards are often hired but this is subject to the state laws and is the prerogative of the hospital hiring these security guards. The standard is to hire unarmed guards aged 18 years and above, or armed who are aged 21 years.

These security guards must be holders of high school diploma or GED. Some of these hospitals may require previous work experience for these security guards. Some hospitals may even ask that the security guards prove that they have worked in hospitals or health centers previously.

Moreover, the guards have to pass drug test, and be in possession of a clean criminal record. Since hospitals are often opened 24 hours every day of the week, the hospital security services also have to operate for the same number of hours.

Specific Duties of Hospital Security Guards:

  • Petrol buildings and grounds to prevent fires, theft and vandalism; inspects doors, windows and locks to determine level of security; ensure that only authorized personnel are admitted onto hospital premises
  • Investigate incidents of unusual circumstances reported by hospital staff, visitors, physicians or patients; write incident reports and document investigative steps and results
  • Respond to emergency calls for assistance to control disorderly or combative patients
  • Assist with traffic control by keeping fire lanes, fire hydrants and ambulance entrances free of vehicles; issue parking tickets to vehicle operators who have violated parking regulations
  • Inspect fire-fighting equipment, pager units, bio-air packs and other security equipment; promptly report any malfunctions.
  • Assist motorists who become stranded on hospital property; escort visitors, patients and employees to/from parking areas
  • Maintain information on lost/found logs; notify individuals when items reported as missing are located; inspect outgoing parcels to prevent theft of hospital property
  • Issue hospital keys to authorized hospital personnel; maintain accurate log of activity while on duty

Salaries of Hospital Security Guard:

The pay for hospital security guards is often quite flexible, but the pay generally is not less than $21,000 per year. Unarmed hospital security guards are often paid between $8 and $10 per hour. Armed hospital security guards, on the other hand, are paid not less than $11 per hour.

Future Prospects of Hospital Security Guard:

These types of jobs have a great future. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects growth of not less than 10% by 2018.

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