Restaurant and Bar Security Guard

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Job Requirements of Restaurant and Bar Security Guards

Job Requirements of Restaurant and Bar Security Guards

Restaurant and Bar Security Guards are expected to provide any or all of the Following Services:

Basic Job Requirements of Restaurant and Bar Security Guards:

  1. Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma.
  2. One year of security experience for a bar, hotel, restaurant, retail store, school or a public law enforcement or private security agency.
  3. If the state requires licensing, then satisfactory completion of an approved security guard training course as recognized by the state where you are applying. The incumbents must maintain valid registration as a security guard throughout employment.

Salary of Restaurant and Bar Security Guards:

According to the US Federal Government Agency Bureau of Labor Statistics, Security Guards can earn an average salary of about $26,000. However, this can be significanlty higher if you are located in a high cost metro area such as New York City, District of Columbia (Washington DC) etc. In District of Columbia, you can expect an average pay of $36,750 and in New York the average wage is $31,190.

Listed below are the duties and responsibilities of a Restaurant and Bar Security Guards.

Door Supervision:

Greeting guests with warmth, a smile, and a clear eagerness to serve while always being friendly and enthusiastic with customers and fellow employees. Opening and closing doors for guests while maintaining an always courteous demeanor

Bag and Belonging Search:

When instructed under specific circumstances, search the bag and belongings of guests and or employees.

Conflict Mitigation:

When there is a conflict between guests or guest and employees, calmly mitigate the situation. When appropriate communicate and escalate the issues with the local law enforcement officers.

Lock up and Arm the Alarm:

Protect the restaurant assets while working to minimize or eliminate the risk of theft when working both at the restaurant and off site

Protecting the Executive Team and Employees:

Serving as a bodyguard to the members of the executive team when called upon. Serving as security for restaurant employees during off site events

Hotel Premise and Parking Lot Security:

Protecting the restaurant assets while working to minimize or eliminate the risk of theft when working both at the restaurant and off site at the parking lot

Emergency Response and Evacuation Planning:

In the case of emergency, provide leadership in evacuating the guests in a calm and orderly manner. Ability to keep calm in adverse situations. Being able to make intelligent critical decisions during emergencies and notifying senior leadership as deemed necessary.

Fire Watch:

Watch the premises and activities of guest to prevent fire and other hazardous incidents.

Crowd Control or Movement:

In situations where large number of guests and involved, implement proper crowd control strategies in consultation with the senior security leadership.

Activity and Incident Reports:

Constantly monitor surroundings in order provide the best security outcome. Report any unusual incidents or activities to the appropriate supervisors

Remote Monitoring of Alarms/Cameras:

Analyzing surveillance camera footage regularly and being able to quickly point out discrepancies

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