Energy & Chemical Security Guards

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Nature of Energy & Chemical Security Guard Jobs:

Energy and chemical security guard job

Energy and chemical security guard job

People willing to work in the security industry can also work as part of Energy & Chemical Security teams. They may be employed directly by the energy and chemical company or be part of employees working for a large security firm and be deployed to provide security in these plants.

Responsibilities and Qualifications of Energy & Chemical Security Guards:

Specialized training is often required if the energy and chemical establishment or facility advices this. However, in general, the requirements on the other types of security jobs also apply here. But you should expect to be allowed to use a firearm since a lot of trespassing and vandalism goes on in many energy and chemical plants.

The security guard is expected to be trained on how to handle the property, emergency situation, or other workers in case something crops up within the plant to put people’s lives at risk. It is a requirement in some states for these guards to receive training on matters to do with risks from radiation.

Salaries of Energy & Chemical Security Guards:

Energy & Chemical Security Officers earn around $30,000 to $40,000 although this depends largely on the state and company employing the guards.

Future Prospects of Energy & Chemical Security Guard Jobs:

The entire security industry is expected to see a growth of around 14% by 2018, and this one will increase likewise.

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